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Updated October 26, 2004

Coeur d' Alene Press 17 Jun 1937, Thursday

Set Aside Ground

The county commissioners today set aside a plot of ground consisting of 12 acres as a county cemetery. The burial plot is located one-half mile west of the Huetter service station and is located on the north side of the highway.

In 1976/77, the Pine Tree 4-H Club, with a grant from the Standard Oil Company of California, completed a restoration and research on the Kootenai County Cemetery. Research was completed through English Funeral Home in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and the names below are the persons listed as buried in this cemetery. This information came from the old Cassedy Funeral Home records now maintained by the English Funeral Home. The Pine Tree 4-H still maintains the cemetery on an annual basis just before Memorial Day. For information, please contact Gene Smith at (208) 773-7877.

In 1982/83, Alfred E. and Betty J. Shane of Coeur d' Alene completed their compilation of "Kootenai County Cemeteries Vol. I and Vol. II". The information from the Pine Tree 4-H Club was enhanced and the Shane's Books can be found in most Libraries in the area. To my knowledge, no other updates or reference works have been completed in this area since 1983.

It should be noted that, to date, only four plot locations in this cemetery have names attached. These are preceded by an asterisk (*) in the listing below. No official plotting was ever done and only one stone marker exists. That one belonging to John Edward Davis. The cemetery is no longer in use and the last internment was that of Delbert Lunsford on 22 May 1943.

** Names with double asterisk have Obituary listings below

*  Hubert AITTANA b. 23 Dec 1911
d. 01 Sep 1939
5th from the left, 3rd row
    Martin ANDERSON 12 Jan 1942
    Edward Martin BAUGHMAN 31 Jul 1936
** Rufus BECK 12 Oct 1937
*  Paul Merton BEST b. 3 Sep 1890
d. 12 May 1939
1st in 3rd row, in the lilac bush
    Infant BOCK 30 Apr 1939
    Jane Wiletta BRADFORD 15 Apr 1938
    Minnie Alice BUNTON 09 Apr 1939
    Linda Hazel BURKE (Baby) 07 Apr 1943
*  Ivan CARPENTER b. 22 Oct 1900
d. 2 Jul 1940
5th from left, 3rd row
** Isabelle COURTWRIGHT 24 Dec 1937
    Mary COX 12 Nov 1935
*  John Edward DAVIS b. 11 Dec 1864
d. 22 Jan 1941
6th from right, front row, next to tree just to right of entrance
    Frank GOODWIN 06 Aug 1939
    Andrew GREIDER 08 Jun 1938
    Frank HANDLEY 19 Jun 1939
    Thomas HANKING 18 Apr 1939
    Frederick HANSON 08 Apr 1942
    Katherine HODGE 06 Feb 1942
    Thomas HODGE 22 Jan 1943
    Chester C. ISAMONS 26 Mar 1938
    Alice JEFFREY 23 Jul 1940
    Elmer George JENKINS 20 Oct 1940
    Charles JOHNSON ?? Jun 1941
    David JOHNSON 19 Oct 1940
    Henry JOHNSON 15 June 1937
    Edward KAUFMAN 25 May 1940
    Andrew A. KINDRED 18 Jan 1938
    Berhart LANNING 15 Apr 1942
    Alex LEITCH 06 Nov 1938
    Tinkea LOWER 10 Sep 1936
    Delbert LUNSFORD 22 May 1943
    John MAGNUSON (MUNSON) 22 May 1942
*  William Henry MANION 18 Mar 1937
    Albina (Alvina) MATHEWS 11 Feb 1943
    William H. McBRIDE 01 Sep 1938
    Leo MERCER 19 Dec 1936
    Conley Lavern MILLER 23 May 1940
    William MYERS 19 Oct 1940
    James Cornell NEWKIRK 29 Nov 1938
    John NICKELSON 29 Jul 1939
    Charles SALYERS 18 Aug 1941
    Toiva SAMUEL 15 Jun 1940
    James Wesley SNYDER 17 Mar 1938
    Mary Loretta STANLEY 04 Oct 1938
    George STEWART 19 Jun 1941
    Robert WILLIAMS, Jr. 08 Apr 1939
    Frank WRITE 16 Oct 1935

Coeur d' Alene Press 14 Oct 1937 Thursday


Rufus Beck, 64 pioneer resident of Rathdrum died last evening at a local hospital. The body is at the Cassedy Funeral Home and funeral arrangements are pending the arrival of a sister, Mrs. O. H. Fuller of Fort Blakely, Wash.

Coeur d' Alene Press 29 Dec 1937 Wednesday


Funeral services for Mrs. Isabel Courtright, who died last Friday will be held tomarrow at 1:30 o-clock from the Cassedy Funeral Home with Rev. F. H. Thompson officiating. Mr.s Courtright, 77 died at the family home, 607 Emma Avenue. She had resided there since July, coming from Wallace. is survived by her husband Frank Courtright.

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